Connectivism – Learning via Connection to Multiple Resources – My Connectivist Map.

Fig. 1: Joseph K, Vermeille’s Connectivist MindMap

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  • How has my network changed the way I learn?
  • My learning style started with memorization of content (behaviorism), continued with reading and understanding of academic materials (cognitivism), got enhanced with practical applications using the learning by doing constructivist methodologies via writing and debugging of computer programs,. Now I seem to have reached a level of maturity in learning via multiple resources accordingly to connnectivist principles which among other things posit that “Learn is a network formation process of connecting specialized nodes or information sources” (Siemens, 2006). As illustrated in my connectivist mind map (Fig. 1), I have developed the habit of referring to my network of digital and non-digital experts such as,, colleagues, and others as part of my learning culture.
  • Which digital tools best facilitate learning for me?
  • Search tools, particularly, remain the primary consultant in my quest for knowledge. Online encyclopedias such as,, social networking sites including but not limited to, and, teaching venues like,  webinars, and application software, just to name a few,  provide significant opportunities for learning in the digital age.
  • How do I learn new knowledge when I have questions?
  • The digital universe seems to be ready all the times to answer learner’s questions on any issue. Do we need to know how to cook lobsters? Are we travelling to unknown territories? Do we need to convert miles into kilometers? Are we curious about a given medical prescription? Just ask,,, The Bible benevolently proclaims “and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32, retrieved from ). This biblical prophecy seems to have been accomplished with the overabundance of resources readily available to answer our questions.


Siemens, G. (2006). Knowing knowledge. Retrieved from

Other students’ blogs I commnted on:


One thought on “Connectivism – Learning via Connection to Multiple Resources – My Connectivist Map.

  1. I’m glad you mentioned Wikipedia as a tool. I think it has developed a bad reputation when it really is one the greatest examples of connectivism. Due to its collaborative aspect as a wiki, I understand it has its place, especially in the world of academia. However, I think it has a purpose and it’s become so popular probably because of people’s ability to contribute and connect globally through one site.

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