Tools for Effective Instruction Engagement in Online Instruction

Joseph K. Vermeille
Dear Professor, Fellow Learners:

Please excuse the fact that my assignment is being late because I was really busy planning the blessing of my marriage for Friday April 26th, 2013 and ended up losing my laptop on my way to honeymooning from New York to Fort-Lauderdale the next day. I am currently working using a pc rarely available in the lobby of my hotel. I sincerely apologize as I am requesting and welcoming your understanding.

Thank you:

Joseph K. Vermeille

A graphic illustration of the tools available for Effective Instruction Engagement in Online Instruction


The graphic above illustrates the three critical components online instructors need to use on order to effectively engage learners in the teaching and learning process. In addition to syllabi and rubrics to inform learners of the learning itinerary and assessment methodology at hand, the content tools include online courses, printed, digital, audio, video, multimedia, and digital mechanisms used to encapsulate, capture, share, and disseminate knowledge. As a mean to enable effective interaction among learners and between learners and instructor, communication includes online courses, electronic and social media. Last but not least, the collaboration tools permit instructors to nurture learners with the critical team work skills required for survival in the 21st Century economy. A wide variety of tools and processes, including but not limited to Google Docs,, Mindmeister, currently, blogs, and wikis, are currently available.


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