Blog Post on Hologram Technology Tetrad

Welcome to my blog on Hologram Technology tetrad. This effort will first offer a definition and a brief examples or illustrations of Hologram Technology. Second it will present table 1 which encapsulates my tetrad on Hologram Technology. Third and last, it will explain what Hologram technology enhances, renders obsolete, rekindles, and reverses based on the tetrad..

1. Definition and Brief Illustrations of Hologram Technology.

According to Robert Workman (retrieved from “Holography is a photographic technique that records the light scattered from an object, and then presents it in a way that appears three-dimensional”.  In 1971, Dennis Gabor  was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics “for his invention and development of the holographic method” (retrieved from ). The object referred to in the definition can be an actual object or a living or dead individual such has been  the case for hologram on Tupac (retrieved from

and Michael Jacson (retrieved from )


who were brought from their grave to perform to the delight of their respective fans.  In the case of Tupac, International Business, T(2012 reports that he “was resurrected with the use of digital technology and the creation of a Tupc hologram”. Other  of potentials of holograms go beyond entertainment to include other human endeavors such as teaching and learning as illustrated by the story of  Mario Vargas Llosa who won the 2010 Nobel Prize and built his own “home museum” in the house where he was born using holograms (retrieved from ):  ” Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, now has, in the town of Arequipa where he was born, a “museum home” in which he recounts the most significant moments of his life with a series of holograms that are life-size, three-dimensional representations of the author”. Last but not least is the use of holographic technology to bring participants from different geographic locations to the same meeting or conference table (retrieved from )

, doctors and patients from different places to the operating room (retrieved from, like we have teachers and learners from anywhere to anywhere learning together. The Future of Holographic Technology seems at this point to be endless with technologies we cannot even dreame of yet (retrieved from

2. My Tetrad on Hologram Technology.

Tetrad Hologram Technology

What Hologram Technology Enhances:

  1. Artistic Performances: Words, Pictures, videos, films, and museum show productions
  1. Reenactment of history for museum exhibits
  1. Resurrection of the dead into seemingly live performances
  1. Multimedia presentations
  1. Optimize teaching and learning
  1. Telemedicine, Cyber Medicine, Telesurgery
  1. Medical imaging Sytems (CATSKING, MRI)
  1. New civil rights and copy rights regulations
  1. Pluripresence of an entertainer, teacher, doctor
What Hologram Technology Obsoletes:     

  1. One dimensional photography
  1. Traditional videography
  1. Traditional radiography
  1. Celebrities death
  2. Doctors’ physical presence with patients
  3. Face to face teaching and learning
  4. Live physical presence of an entertainer, teacher, doctor


What Hologram technology rekindles?

  1. Black and white photography
  1. X-Rays
  1. Face to face interaction
  1. Skype
  1. Business meeting trips
  2. Audio, Online, and video conferencing


What Hologram technology reverses?

  1. Pluripresence
  1. Holographic cameras, photo and video projection tools
  1. Merger of multiple technologies
  1. Online Education
  1. Multiple Dimensions technology
  1. Vision Recovery
  2. Space travel, telepresence

Table 1

 Hologram Technology Impact

1. What Hologram Technology Enhances?

Based on the current state of hologram technology, one can strongly argue that it is pused to positively impact a variety of human activities such as artistic performances including but not limited to music, film, video, and museum shows productions.  History and other curricula can be taught using holographic based multimedia presentations likely to facilitate learning and critical thinking. Telemedicine and medical imaging are but two critical arenas of human existence where hologram technology is having a positive influence. The need to protect the living and the dead from civil and copy rights violations will spur an unprecedented rush for new regulations.

2. What Hologram Technology Obsoletes?      

Hologram technology is bound to render obsolete uni-dimensional artistic performances in music, photography, films, and video productions. With advanced medical imaging systems becoming more and more available, traditional radiography is increasingly becoming a less desirable alternative. The new technologies are likely to crown celebrities to some sense of immortality. The concept of pluripresence for “presence in more than one place at the same time” (retrieved from )  instead of physical presence will be a reality for such professionals as doctors, teachers, and entertainers.

3. What Hologram technology rekindles?

The emergence of hologram technology is likely to push the following technologies to the status of tools or processes from the recent past: traditional photography, X-rays face to face interaction, Skype, Business meeting trips, audio, online, and video conferencing.

4. What Hologram technology reverses?

My tetrad on Hologram Technology is anticipating that, like the combination of telephones, cameras, clocks, calendars, web browsers, and other technologies into the cell phone as a single device, hologram technology will be blended with many other technologies such as telepresence, brain downloading and  uploading, time travel, Holographic Television, Teleporting for the creation of a new civilization. That new civilization will be primarily powered by holographic cameras, photos, and video projection tools, Multiple Dimensions Technologies, and  Pluripresence faculties.

With new technologies such as holograms, brain downloading, telepresence, and others, we face a future loaded with opportunities where scholars, scientists, philosophers, and theorist from different historical times could be brought together, even from their graves, to discuss or debate on a variety of issues .


International Business, T. (4). Tupac Hologram At Coachella 2012 Plus Other Great Celebrity Holograms [PHOTOS, VIDEO]. International Business Times.

Thornburg, D. (2013e). Emerging technologies and McLuhan’s laws of media. Lake Barrington, IL: Thornburg Center for Space Exploration.


2 thoughts on “Blog Post on Hologram Technology Tetrad

  1. Joseph,

    A very detailed tetrad. I do agree with your reversal, many technologies will be blended through the use of holographic technology.
    I have one question, how will civil right be effected?

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