About Joseph K. Vermeille

I am Joseph Kenny. Vermeille, or Joseph Vermeille, a Proud American Citizen by choice or naturalization, a Grateful Son of my native Leogane (Haiti), location of the epicenter of the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010. My official residence is in Bridgeport, Connecticut and I work in Manhattan, New York. I am an orphan, a Proud Husband, a Wonderful Father, a Faithful Christian, a Conservative Democrat or Liberal Republican, an Information Technology Professional, and an aspiring Scholar Practitioner from a Social Change Perspective.

I started academic life at L’Ecole Sainte Croix in Leogane (Haiti) where I completed my primary education in 1971. I then completed Secondary and High School studies at College Saint Pierre, in Port-au-Prince (Haiti) in 1978, obtained my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at the State University of New York, College at Old Westbury, in 1989, acquired my Master’s Degree in Technology Management at Columbia University (New York City) in 2009, and I am currently pursuing Post Graduate Studies leading to the PhD Degree in Educational Technology at Walden University. Professionally, I have been in Information Technology for nearly twenty two years performing as a Computer Science student, Computer Labs Manager, Field Service Engineer, Programmer Analyst, Programming and Computer Applications Instructor, Technology Consultant, and Application Systems Developer. I have worked for a variety of commercial and academic institutions including: Watts 800 Inc., Indiana Vocational Technical College, and the State University of New York College at Old Westbury, Suffolk Community College, Carlson Precast Inc., Medical Manager Corporation-North East, and The Career Center Inc.in Manhattan, New York. I have now been working as an Application Systems Developer since December 1996 with Columbia University. I am committed and eager to continue building my career emphasizing on the 21st Century professional skills and attributes for success at Columbia University and elsewhere.

In addition to meeting the requirements and demands of my current position as an Application Systems Developer, I subscribe to the constructivist and connectivist epistemological mindsets as I am developing and nurturing special interests in Online Teaching and Learning, Open Source Technologies, Return on Investments in Educational Technology Investments, Just-in-time Curriculum, and Cloud Computing as critical topics in the fast technological landscape of the 21st Century. My website at www.jvermeille.com, which will soon be hosting my digital portfolio, will provide more insights into my current personal, academic, and professional activities. My personal motto is: Yes, with Educational Technology, Tomorrow can and should be better and brighter than Yesterday. My take on knowledge: The more you selflessly share what you, the more abundantly you will know it.


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